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Converter for dryers 2x110V

Converter for dryers 2x110V



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This type of inverter is used for clothes dryers. Due to the high consumption, it is necessary to supply the dryer with a voltage of 2x 110V (230V heating coil). An approximately 1.5 m long cable with four conductors is led out of the inverter. According to the color coding and short video instructions, just connect them to the terminal block on the back of the dryer.
It is possible to connect a 110V washing machine to the 110V socket on the front of the inverter, which we usually operate in the same place as the dryer. It is not possible to operate both devices at the same time! The connection works for most LG and Samsung dryers.

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Technical details:

Dimension: 18 x 15 x 25 cm
Weight: 11,8 kg
Input voltage:   230V 50 Hz
Output voltage: 2 x 110V 50 Hz 
Output power:  5.4000W max
Output current:  25 A max


How to Install a 4 wire power cord to your dryer: