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Converters 110/230V

Converters 110/220V

These convecters are specified for transfer of voltage 110V onto 220 (230V). You can use them on your journey to the USA or Japan. When your employees leave for these countries they can take their instruments and appliance on 220V. You can equally use them exporting your appliance (on 220V) to the USA.

Attention!  Designated for foreign country journeys!

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Goods name Price
Step up transformer 100W
Convereter 110/220V - 100W
our price 33.00 EUR img
Step Up transformer 300W
Converter 230/110V 300W
our price 59.00 EUR img
Step up transformer 500W
Step up transformer 110/220V 500W
our price 79.00 EUR img
Step Up transformer 750W
Converter 110/220V - 750W
our price 99.00 EUR img
Step Up transformer 1.000W
Converter 110/220V - 1.000W
our price 119.00 EUR img
Step Up transformer 1.500W
Converter 110/220V - 1.500W
our price 139.00 EUR img
Step Up transformer 2.000W
Converter 110/220V - 2.000W
our price 159.00 EUR img
Step Up transformer 3.000W
Converter 110/220V - 3.000W
our price 219.00 EUR img
Step Up transformer 5.000W
Converter 110/220V - 5.000W
our price 259.00 EUR img