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Toroidal transformers

Toroidal transformers assure maximum effect and minimal P.T.O. (power take-off) in vain. It is convenient to use them on the places where they are non stop plugged in 220V net such as detached houses, caravans, yachts.

Thanks to their small sizes they are convenient to be installed into distributing boxes and bigger appliances. For special appliances we also offer version with separated winding.  As connecting of  toroidal  transformer into electrical power network  enable the peak consumption of power, taking off the house breaker can occur. So it is necessary for the power from 1000W to use the electronic limiter.

Single connecting of toroidal transformer must be charged the qualified person acquainted with electric rules.

Toroidal transformers are produced in the Czech Republic.

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Goods name Price
Transformer toroidal 500W
Transformer toroidal 500W 220/110V
our price 52.00 EUR img
Transformer toroidal 1.000W
Coverter toroidal 220/110V 1.000W
our price 102.00 EUR img
Transformer toroidal 2.000W
Transformer toroidal 2.000W
our price 147.00 EUR img
Transformer toroidal 3.000W
Transformer toroidal 220/110V 3.000W
our price 207.00 EUR img
Transformer toroidal 4.000W
Transformer toroidal 220/110V 4.000W
our price 237.00 EUR img
our price 18.00 EUR img