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Transformer toroidal 3.000W

Transformer toroidal 220/110V 3.000W



Product no.: 304
Dimensions (cm): 16,5 x 10
Weight (kg): 10,3
our price without Tax : 171.07 EUR
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207.00 EUR

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Toroidal transformer is made in the Czech Republic. The design of the transformer ensures high efficiency and minimal quantity unladen (about 2W), so it is designed for permanent wiring at 220V. It is made as an autotransformer - not separated galvanically from the mains 220V. Manufactured by supplying design with molded-in center where the hole eventually fit. Because when you turn there is the peak of current (saturate the transformer core), we recommend using an electronic limiter.

Technical Specifications:
Size: diameter 165 mm, height 100 mm
Weight: 10,3 kg
Input voltage: 220 - 240V 50Hz
Output voltage: 110 - 120V 50Hz
Max. output current: 27 A
Recommended fuses the primary winding T 16 A